Motion Graphics Experiment

Experimenting with Maya MASH, connecting multiple MASH networks.

The 1st MASH network is a simple platonic with a high subdivision count. This network is animated with a signal node on the rotation, set to loop.

The 2nd MASH network has tetrahedrons flood mapped onto the first platonic, all pointing towards its center. There’s an 180 degree offset controlled by a noise projection created the funky reflections.

The 3rd MASH network has the output points from the second one as input creating the surrounding platonics. A signal node is animating their offset on the Y-axis and a color node is mapped to a 3D noise projection. This colorset is used on a VRayBlend shader with the gold material as base and an emissive shader on top. The alpha of this emissive shader is mapped to the colorset from the MASH network.


  • Autodesk Maya
  • Chaosgroup V-Ray
  • Adobe After Effects