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Remco Tent

Computer Generated Me. That’s what it stands for.
While that isn’t exactly the very best of English grammar, it does cover what it needs to say; my life -my passion even- computer generated.

Right after highschool, back in ’98, I read a magazine about the rise of 3D graphics. In particular an item about Alias Maya triggered something in me. I decided that, somehow, one day I would have the skills to work with that program.

Fast forward 13 years and countless of hours behind my computer after work I finally had acquired a level of skill with Maya that earned me a place at an agency. Perseverance turned out to be key in being self-taught.
Since then, skills have expanded to After Effects and a half-decent level of scripting in Javascript, Expressions and MEL. More recently I’ve started venturing into the world of Cinema 4D and Octane.

Currently working at RauwCC