Shell at CeBIT2014

"IT: the power behind energy" keynote opening animation

Full CG opening animation for the “IT: the power behind energy” presentation given by Rene Honig Vice President Strategy, Portfolio and Innovation For Technical and Competitive at Shell- at the CeBIT2014 conference. The goal was to show the audience how much IT and Shell’s field of work are interconnected. To achieve that we placed several items from the Shell value chain on a computer motherboard where normally chips and connectors would be.

The whole animation was planned to be a single shot fly-through. This posed some challenges though since some of the Oil & Gas related 3D models were supplied by Shell and based on original CAD data and computer memory turned out to be short for a scene this size. Because of this, most models were converted to proxies and a custom MEL script was written to hide objects not seen by the camera to reduce rendertimes.


  • Modeling
  • Animating
  • Texturing/lighting
  • Rendering
  • Post-production
  • Pipeline optimalisation


  • Autodesk Maya
  • Chaosgroup V-Ray
  • Adobe After Effects